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A little question about submission

I have a little question about submission that if we are able to create a different language parser on top of Esprima.js should we only submit the JS file?Where should we submit the JS file so that it can be tested?Can we add our own name to the extended version of Esprima.js(say Haskell_Esprima.js)?.Thanks!!


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    You should create an open-source repository on GitHub with an MIT license that lets someone import your parser (ideally with npm and bower), which in turn requires Esprima (instead of modifying it), if possible. If you have to modify Esprima, then still create your own repository, but use Esprima's license, since it's derivative.

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    Should the parser be in the JavaScript format ideally i was thinking of modifying the Esprima.js(already asked a question in Stack Overflow regrading that http://stackoverflow.com/questions/22280219/developing-a-parser-in-javascriptesprima-js-that-parses-haskell-language-in-mo) as it defaults parses in Mozilla AST format.I havenot used npm and bower,have to spend sometime learning it.I am also giving ANTLR a go to see if i get the reults.Thanks for the reply.

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    Yes, it should be in JavaScript some other JavaScript-compatible language like CoffeeScript, since it needs to run in the browser and in node.

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