about 5 years ago

Announcing the Winners

We’re thrilled to announce the winners of CodeCombat Challenge. See the blog post here: http://blog.codecombat.com/new-experimental-languages-python-lua-clojure-and-io

The Winners

1st Place - MacBook Air: basicer (Rob Blanckaert) for his Lua parser, Lua 2 JS

I'm a software developer from NYC. I first saw the challenge posted when I was at the TechCrunch hackathon. I had previously been working on some code that use the Mozilla AST format to do model generation for a DBO project. I was having a lot of fun messing with the AST and code generation, so this challenge seemed right up my alley.

The contest had already been running for…

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over 5 years ago

One Week Left

Just one week left in the CodeCombat parser challenge! We're now testing out some preliminary submissions for Clojure, Lua, and Python, and with Aether updated to support standardized parser language modules, it's easy to integrate your in-progress parsers and try them out.

People are using PEG.js, Jison, foks of Acorn, and other techniques, and they are all making great progress. So if you haven't started or don't have much progress, don't worry. With a week to go, there's still plenty of time to make a great parser and snag one of the prizes–plus add a new programming language to…

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